Sneak Preview – Part 3 – NIKIAN Farm


Niki and Ian proudly boast their 90% food self-sufficiency.  Their gardens occupy a good deal of their time and their evolving natural garden, says Niki, is becoming “a model for me as an aging gardener”. In 2002, they began to convert a horse operation into a vast array of vegetables, orchards, perennials and a rice paddy. Rare plants, innovation, solar power and education are important parts of what they do.

Map 2019

I spent some time at their place last week and had a lovely chat as well. they are so passionate and knowledgeable about what they do!

Here are a few shots…


One of the many incredible gardens located on this property.


This sculpture caught my eye.


“Hope” is very much the hostess!


Sustainability is at the core of everything they do.


These windows reminded me of another property on the Tour – The Academy!


Steps to…


Gardeners at work!


Lupins and fencing – definitely a farm flavour to this property!

To see for yourself, you can buy tickets for the Annapolis Royal House & Garden Tour by calling 902-532-7018 or online at the following link:

House & Garden Tour Tickets are $30 at the door or $25 in advance. (Historic Gardens members can buy at a reduced rate of $25 any time).

For more on the other feature properties, link over to: Feature Properties.

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