Sneak Preview – Part 4 – Home Port


Circa 1997, HOME PORT is a testament to hard labour, excellent design and love of gardening. Wayne and Karen have systematically created a collection of garden rooms: the Park, the Woodland, the Rock  Garden, the Pool Garden, the Deck Garden, the Vegetable Garden and the Conifer Room. Within these rooms, take delight in the roses, the magnolias, the Japanese maples, the berry bushes, the ruby red chestnut. Take note of the ancient low rock wall surrounding the property and of Karen’s China tea cups and hooked rugs inside the home.

When I visited Wayne & Karen last week, they were hard at it… but they were happy to take some time to show me around. As beautiful as their property already is, they clearly are always looking at ways to add and improve. New developments, like a pond, are evident and they talked about several plant additions they were planning. Definitely a labour of love for both of them, and the results are awesome. I took a good number of photos – every corner held a new discovery! I will share a few…


There are a number of hidden treasures like this rest area.


This little piggy caught my eye.


Driftwood has been incorporated into their gardens in many ways – the markings on this piece were very interesting.


These stepping stones were hand made.


Another great piece of driftwood.


A door to somewhere?


The market at the end of their road indicates the old cemetery located behind them.

To see for yourself, you can buy tickets for the Annapolis Royal House & Garden Tour by calling 902-532-7018 or online at the following link:

House & Garden Tour Tickets are $30 at the door or $25 in advance. (Historic Gardens members can buy at a reduced rate of $25 any time).

For more on the other feature properties, link over to: Feature Properties.

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