2017 House & Garden Tour Properties

Annapolis Royal House & Garden Tour

2017 Property Selection

This year’s edition celebrates Canada’s sesquicentennial, featuring properties spanning the past 150 years. Notable highlights include a confederation period Greek Revival, an 1882 brick Queen Anne Revival, two late 1890s homes and an award-winning restoration of the 1913-14 Annapolis Royal Train Station. In addition, visitors will visit two special Riverview Drive gardens, as well as the Historic Gardens where a Victorian Tea will be hosted in the afternoon.


Annapolis Royal Train Station

This “fancy station” from 1914 built with brick and a slate roof was intended as a Dominion Atlantic Railway tourist lure. Closed in 1990, it was restored to award winning glory by local business woman, Jane Nicholson. The current office located there looks onto a prettily manicured garden of box hedge, crab apple, daffodils and cotoneaster.


Smith/Paquette House

This renovated Greek revival home of 1866 (one year older than Canada!) boasts 5 fireplaces and uniquely patterned floors, the wood for which was originally ship’s ballast. Note the owner-created (Paul) tapestries and the extensive collection of Canadian art. The garden stone, found stacked out of sight, was repurposed in the garden, the piece de resistance of which is the 100 year old quince tree!


Rafuse Garden

This converted 1920s home, originally a carriage house, was the only house on the street for a number of years. Frances created all of the existing gardens over time, experimenting and collecting plants from friends and neighbours. Note especially the pink Daphne, offspring of her great grandmother’s shrub. The Explorer Rose collection, along with the perennials, survives the indiscriminate peckishness of the marauding deer thanks to a recently installed electric fence.


DeWolfe Garden

Jane’s delightful, terraced garden situated above Allain’s Creek affords a wonderfully pastoral view to the south. Planted with daylilies, purple broom, cotoneaster and blueberries, it is a beautiful complement to the peonies, lily trees and Echinacea in the front and side gardens.


Bread and Roses Inn

This Queen Anne revival built in 1882 by dentist/pharmacist, A.B. Cunningham, has been one of Annapolis Royal’s foremost inns since 1978. Fine woods and intricate door hardware along with etched glass and decorative fireplace tiles elevate this home to an elegant uniqueness. The back garden’s pond and waterfall add to the serenity while the front garden’s perennials and roses echo the inn’s name.


McLafferty House

The McLafferty House is the fortunate beneficiary of the talent and passion of its owners, Gail Robertson and Sefton Squires, professional restorers. Upgraded from a previous renovation, this home is testament to Gail’s passion for collecting vintage rose print fabrics and rugs. Though the large elm at the front poses challenges, shade-loving hosta, periwinkle, snowdrops and daylilies create a charming spring garden beneath its ample canopy.


Robertson/Squires House

This stately Italianate home from 1898/1899 is the second of the two on the tour restored by Gail and Sefton. From the copper eaves trough and pink trim echoing the colours of the  Historic Gardens’ rose maze across the street, to the framed vintage poems reproduced on Sefton’s handmade paper in the upper foyer, no detail is missed in this charming home. Evidence of the couple’s instinctive knack for incorporating repurposed/refurbished materials including chandeliers, wallpaper and draperies abounds. The gardens, front and back, are busy and full and host an appropriately old-fashioned crowd of forsythia, roses, lilies and perennials.


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4 thoughts on “2017 House & Garden Tour Properties

  1. Susan Gilmour

    What time does it start?

  2. Sue Gilmour

    Thanks, I checked it out but couldn’t find out if you are having a rain date.

    • thegardenshutterbug

      Hi Sue –

      Keep tabs on things via the Latest News section of the site: https://exploreourgardens.wordpress.com/latest-news/
      At this point, we are considering postponement but will wait until Thursday morning’s forecasts before making a decision. The dates we are considering are Sunday July 6 and Saturday, July 12.

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