2018 Feature Properties

Annapolis Royal House & Garden Tour

2018 Feature Properties

This year’s edition has a very interesting mix of styles, from old to new, and from “urban” to “rural”… thus the theme “Town and Country”.  The selection involves properties in downtown Annapolis Royal as well as the nearby communities of Lequille and Upper Clements. The following will give you a hint of what’s in store for Saturday, July 7 participants.


Upper Clements


  • You will not want to miss this simply stunning property sitting high on the banks of the Annapolis River, perfectly positioned to command a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside. The 2002 Cape Cod home reposes in a vast garden of conifers and specimen plantings such as Tasmanian podocarpus, cork screw hazel and magnolia. Be sure to explore the picturesque trail to the dock and fire pit.


  • When Joanne moved into the Aser Milner house of 1956, the garden consisted of a few tired fruit trees and some blueberries. Her desire to “make room for one of everything” guided her in the creation of the current eclectic and colourful mix of perennials, shrubs and trees. Their sheer abundance allows generous donations to community and church events and has garnered her many awards in local flower competitions.


Annapolis Royal


  • BLUE MOON, built in the 1890s as a grocery store and then moved to its current location after the Annapolis fire of 1920, has the Boardwalk ( a must for a stroll) and the harbour for a beautiful backdrop. Both can be seen to advantage from the Viewing Tower that Corinne added in 1997 which overlooks her edible garden nourished by seaweed harvested from the beach nearby. Note the hemlock trim and art collection throughout the house.


  • Today, Lucky Rabbit and Co. houses 3 floors of amazing art: it is home to the tartan shop where our town’s official tartan was created and to an onsite leather and fabric bag crafter, a tile shop, a photography studio and a recording studio, an artist’s residency apartment, a pop-up gallery and much more. Deb’s and Ray’s own pottery gallery is on the second floor. This artist’s collective is a feast for the senses and beautiful in so many ways. You will be hard-pressed to leave without a keepsake of your visit to this very cosmopolitan destination.




  • The old Atwell B&B built in 1978 has been lovingly tended and encouraged by the Medills into the pleasant hillside beauty that it is today. A large pond of goldfish lure great blue heron and kingfisher; native plantings with their entourage of butterflies enchant among the weeping Nootka, Satomi dogwood and Queen of Sweden roses. You are invited to sit awhile in these gardens overlooking the French Basin and breathe in the mountains and sky beyond.


  • Built by the Services in 1995, this pretty woodland garden above the French Basin and neighbouring the Medill property is lush with 23 year-old hydrangea and rhododendron. A forest glade pungent with the fragrance of fern will beckon you to walk into it. A burning bush hedge, aflame in the autumn, is the progeny of an erstwhile interloper hidden in a basket of periwinkle from a friend. Ursula invites you to catch your breath in the blessed shade of her backyard deck.


A few photos of our Feature Properties to tantalize…

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4 thoughts on “2018 Feature Properties

  1. Susan Gilmour

    What time does it start?

  2. Sue Gilmour

    Thanks, I checked it out but couldn’t find out if you are having a rain date.

    • thegardenshutterbug

      Hi Sue –

      Keep tabs on things via the Latest News section of the site: https://exploreourgardens.wordpress.com/latest-news/
      At this point, we are considering postponement but will wait until Thursday morning’s forecasts before making a decision. The dates we are considering are Sunday July 6 and Saturday, July 12.

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