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2019 Feature Properties



The Academy – Annapolis Royal

Formerly the Annapolis Royal Regional Academy, this heritage gem has been lovingly repurposed by developer Tim Tanner into condos, while one wing was developed by the community to house a gym, new Library, music room, innovation lab and food bank. Together, the Town and developer demonstrated that rural communities are capable of repurposing and breathing new life into historic buildings, and that when you have community buy-in, the sky’s the limit!

Three condo owners have graciously offered their homes as part of our House & Garden Tour. In addition, the new state-of-the-art Library & Community Hub will be available for viewing, and refreshments can be enjoyed in the front garden area that is currently under development.


Willett House – Granville Ferry

Adrian and Margaret’s grand vision for their garden is “to stop expanding”! With over 2 acres of gardens that include 500 labelled hostas and a vast day lily collection, you will be hard-pressed to see any indication of this vision in progress. Their 200 year old house is a show stopper of meticulous restoration, housing an equally lovely collection of antique furniture and art representing the 1750s to the present. Note especially the urn collection and the original woodwork throughout.


NIKIAN Farm – Granville Beach

Niki and Ian proudly boast their 90% food self-sufficiency.  Their gardens occupy a good deal of their time and their evolving natural garden, says Niki, is becoming “a model for me as an aging gardener”. In 2002, they began to convert a horse operation into a vast array of vegetables, orchards, perennials and a rice paddy. Rare plants, innovation, solar power and education are important parts of what they do.


Home Port – Granville Beach

Circa 1997, HOME PORT is a testament to hard labour, excellent design and love of gardening. Wayne and Karen have systematically created a collection of garden rooms: the Park, the Woodland, the Rock  Garden, the Pool Garden, the Deck Garden, the Vegetable Garden and the Conifer Room. Within these rooms, take delight in the roses, the magnolias, the Japanese maples, the berry bushes, the ruby red chestnut. Take note of the ancient low rock wall surrounding the property and of Karen’s China tea cups and hooked rugs inside the home.

For a Sneak Preview of these properties, head on over to our Latest News page.

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10 thoughts on “Feature Properties

  1. Susan Gilmour

    What time does it start?

  2. Sue Gilmour

    Thanks, I checked it out but couldn’t find out if you are having a rain date.

    • thegardenshutterbug

      Hi Sue –

      Keep tabs on things via the Latest News section of the site: https://exploreourgardens.wordpress.com/latest-news/
      At this point, we are considering postponement but will wait until Thursday morning’s forecasts before making a decision. The dates we are considering are Sunday July 6 and Saturday, July 12.

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